• Prior to use, Equiband® must be securely attached to the saddle pad via the safety clips and triglides
  • Always ensure that each Equiband® is unclipped on both sides prior to loosening the surcingle or girth after work
  • Examine Equiband® before each use, checking for tears or punctures that may cause the band to break.
  • If the band appears flawed, cease use and discard immediately
  • Store Equiband® away from direct sun and extreme heat or cold, in a dry area and away from sharp objects
  • Avoid the use of sharp spurs directly over Equiband® – blunt spurs can be used, but rider leg position must be checked to ensure that there is no direct interference with the abdominal band.
  • Only use soap and water to clean Equiband?. Do not use any petroleum-based products for cleaning.
  • Allow Equiband® to dry completely before storage and re-use.
  • Do not use with fly spray as some brands may affect band integrity.
  • Equiband® will need to be replaced periodically. A spare band is provided with the full Equiband® system and additional band can be ordered here.

Equiband® should only be incorporated into ridden work when the horse is fully accustomed to the feeling of Equiband® (as outlined in the user guide). Carefully check the tension as over- or undertension of Equiband® will not promote the desired core strengthening effect.
Failure to take due care may lead to serious accidents or injury. Always wear a helmet when riding with the Equiband® system. Equiband® is not for use on horses with an undiagnosed lameness or clinical condition. When in doubt, veterinary advice must be sought.

Neither Equicore Concepts® nor any authorized distributor or retailer of the Equiband® system will be held liable for any personal accident, injury or damage resulting from the use of the Equiband® system. Full responsibility lies with the individual who chooses to use the Equiband® system for the horse under his or her care. | (888) 406-5737 | Equicore Concepts LLC, 503 Mall Court #305, Lansing, MI 48912
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