Equicore Concepts® has been developed from a multidisciplinary approach of therapists, veterinarians, riders and trainers, by adapting and refining human sports medicine, physiotherapeutic, rehabilitation and performance enhancement principles to the horse.

These principles revolve around a “motor control approach” which affects how a horse moves and thus performs. The primary concept is based on how to ‘Activate Your Horse’s Core’ (and more!).

The concept of ‘Equicore’ has been in the developmental process for two decades based on academic and professional education, clinical experience and research that already has and is continuing to investigate concepts of therapeutic performance enhancement and injury prevention in the horse. This model has been successfully applied to the equine/rider athlete in practice across all forms of equitation and is aimed at the horse enthusiast, amateur and professional rider at national and international level. The success of these exercises and therapeutic principles has lead to a demand and goal for education on application of these methods across the riding community. 

Theoretically the principles of Equicore Concepts® are based on three integral motor control concepts which are directly related to nerve, muscle and joint function. Optimal functioning enables optimal locomotion, performance and heightened horse-rider interaction. The exercises and principles can be utilized during rehabilitation and performance enhancement and for injury prevention. The key motor control principles are proprioception and kinesthesia (the horse’s body awareness and joint positions sense) and dynamic stability (full body and core stability/control through motion).

The goal of Equicore Concepts® is to educate the greater horse community on how to rehabilitate, manage and prevent underlying musculoskeletal and neurological conditions with respect to motor control, core stability and rehabilitation strategies, through the use of specific and appropriate exercises for the horse, both from the ground and in ridden work.

Nicole Rombach
APM, MEEBW, CCBW, PG AM, MSc., PhD (Equine Neck Pain)

Narelle Stubbs
BappSc(PT), M.AnimST(Veterinary Physiotherapy), PhD (Equine Back Pain)


  • No habituation to the resistance band, providing constant proprioceptive feedback in motion – this is lost with other materials (such as soft bandages) that slip, move or curl
  • Direct and constant stimulation of core musculature during locomotion
  • Continuous physical resistance promoting stability in movement
  • The horse maintains an intact posture during dynamic exercise – no possibility of ‘cheating’ strategies
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