The Core and More

The Equiband® system can be used on horses of any age or discipline, providing they are free of any undiagnosed lameness or neurological disorder. The Equiband® system is not a substitute for veterinary care and when in doubt veterinary advice must be sought prior to using the Equiband® system.

The Equiband® system is indicated as ideal for:

YOUNG HORSES – during training in-hand and on the lunge to strengthen the core muscles in preparation for ridden work, and when introducing work under saddle. Use the Equiband® system when the horse is being trained in hand, on the lunge or with long lines/reins before the horse is mounted. The goal is to strengthen the core muscles in preparation for ridden work and thus avoid potential injury due to weakness and hollowing in early exercise under saddle. The Equiband® system should continue to be used once ridden work is introduced but the frequency may be reduced to a couple of times a week once the horse is strong enough to carry himself and his rider in a consistently round outline.

AGED HORSES – to maintain spinal mobility and strength. Horses with diagnosed arthritic issues must be warmed up prior to application of the Equiband® system.

RETRAINING – after a period of inactivity prior to restarting ridden exercise. Any horse that is being brought back into work after a period of inactivity will benefit from a month of training with the Equiband® system to strengthen the core musculature, prior to recommencing ridden exercise. This is especially indicated in brood mares and horses that are obese in which the abdominal musculature is not being used optimally.

REHABILITATION – horses that have been rested following an injury or colic surgery will benefit from core training exercises from the ground during the period of inactivity, followed by a month of training with the Equiband® system.

ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE – enhancement through optimal core muscle facilitation. Expert riders have the skills to round their horses’ backs but not every rider is able to produce this desired frame. The Equiband® system teaches the horse to round up through flexing the spine, and allows the rider to develop a feel for this ideal frame. The goal is for the rider to learn how to activate the core musculature. As the rider’s skills improve, the Equiband® system can be used less frequently. | (888) 406-5737 | Equicore Concepts LLC, 503 Mall Court #305, Lansing, MI 48912
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