The Genuine Equicore Concepts Equiband® Pro System: Counterfeit Information

What is a counterfeit product?
A counterfeit can be defined as a fraudulent forgery or imitation of a product, taking advantage of the superior value and brand of the original product with the intent of selling the inferior product at an equal or lower price.

Where is the genuine Equiband® Pro System sold?
The Equiband® Pro System is only sold through appointed veterinarians, veterinary clinics, licensed therapists, and retail outlets that are directly associated with professional equine rehabilitation. The Equiband® Pro System is only intended for use with professional guidance and clinical reasoning.

Equiband® Pro System: the only researched resistance band product for equine core conditioning
Different studies demonstrating the benefits of using the Equiband® Pro System have been published in veterinary peer-reviewed journals. Copies of these manuscripts can be obtained bycontacting us.

Counterfeit systems claim to provide the same benefits as the Equiband® Pro System, but these are extrapolations from the peer-reviewed studies using the Equiband™ System, and NOT based on any credible published research involving counterfeit products. As such, these are false claims.

Report counterfeit products!
Please contact us to report counterfeit copies of the Equiband® Pro System. This information is useful in legal action against counterfeit copies that infringe copyright and trademarks.