I have found the Equicore system very helpful in helping horses connect their quarters to their ribcage and forehand. It certainly improves ridability, and seems to have a lasting effect in the way horses reproduce the same muscular patterns on their own. Highly recommended!
Mary Wanless

Ride With Your Mind

Studies and Findings

Objective Assessment of Back Kinematics and Movement Asymmetry in Horses: Effect of Elastic Resistance Band Training

Findings from the first Equiband® study show that Equibands® have a positive effect on spinal stability in motion (back and pelvis) which is key for optimal athletic performance! Read the full study here.

Studies and Findings

The Effect of an Elastic Resistance Band Around the Hindquarters on Equine Dorsoventral Back Kinematics

Findings show the Equiband™ hindquarter band is a powerful tool for altering the thoracolumbar back kinematics. Stabilisation of the lumbar region may confer improved working posture and an increased core stability. Read the full study here.

I started using the Equiband system on my coming 6 year old Danish Warmblood dressage horse, Sunset N, in December 2011, after he was fully evaluated by the researchers at the McPhail Equine Performance Center at my request. We went to McPhail in an effort to figure out how to strengthen his core and improve his balance and coordination in hopes of helping him to stop tripping, rushing, and going wide behind in lengthened gaits and to improve his overall strength. It was determined that Sunset, like many of the modern sport horses being produced these days, has hyper-mobile joints, so his extreme over-flexibility made it hard for him to stabilize at moments of a lot of thrust, like medium and extended paces.
After his thorough evaluation, Nicole and Narelle fitted him with the Equiband system and to my amazement, he immediately felt like a “normal” stable horse instead of the mushy, wiggly baby he’d always felt like before. His continued transformation was rapid and incredible. We went home and carefully followed all the precautions we were given so that he didn’t get sore from using his muscles in such a profoundly new way.

The results have been astonishing! He stopped tripping and for the most part, no longer goes wide behind within a couple months of using the bands. He now has very clearly defined abdominal muscles, more defined carry down into his gaskins, and his overall muscling is quite impressive. I still use the bands occasionally, 5 months later, and give the Equiband system the credit for helping Sunset turn the corner in his strength building and joint stabilization. I’ve also had many clients and friends purchase the Equiband system based on Sunset’s success and they are all very happy with the results, too.

Jennifer Truett

Accredited Mary Wanless Ride With Your Mind Coach-Level 2 Affiliated Coach; USDF Region 2 Participating Member Delegate; President, Dancing Horse Farm, Inc

I have used the Equiband system in combination with the un-mounted exercises for 18 months with my Grand Prix dressage horse. The improvement in core strength is impressive. The horse has a marked increase in the elevation of his back, more flexibility of the joints of the hind legs and is stepping underneath himself with better impulsion, stability and longitudinal flexion. The movement of all the gaits is more elastic and fluid, with greater self-carriage and freedom in the shoulders. Even at rest his posture is better balanced, with his hind legs deeper underneath the body, not to mention his six-pack abs which he got about one year into the program.
I have also been using the Equiband system on a horse recovering from a soft tissue injury where the bands really help the horse stay stable in balance whilst he exercises. The resistance of the bands makes it possible to really work the muscles, especially the abdominals, with less stress on the lower limbs, so there is less chance of re-injury during this vulnerable time.

The stimulation of the bands seems to help both the horse and the rider feel the more correct position of the back and the hind legs as the core muscles are activated.

There is no question that the bands help me train more efficiently and effectively. They are simply terrific!

Narelle and Nicole and the team at MSU are very knowledgeable, experienced and always available to help the horse and rider get the best results from the program.

Anne Stahl

Rosehill Dressage, Northville, MI

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