When to Use

  • The Equiband® system is recommended for initial daily use, however, the goal of the system is to reduce use over time to one to two sessions per week as the horse learns to maintain his own core muscular strength.
  • The Equiband® system recruits muscles that many horses do not recruit naturally. To avoid fatigue and muscle soreness, the system must be used for short periods of time with regular walk/rest breaks during the session. Duration of use can be increased gradually as the musculature strengthens.
  • Neuromuscular activation is best achieved at the start of a session, particularly during the warm-up phase. Always use the band system at the start of a workout, and remove the bands if necessary.
  • We recommend use of the abdominal band before adding the hindquarter band
  • It is known that neuromuscular adaptation to new exercise takes four to six weeks, and it takes up to three months to gain full strength and condition. Once the horse is fully conditioned, use of the Equiband® system can be tapered down to weekly or biweekly use for maintenance of core muscle function.
  • Individual results may vary, and if any gait irregularity is noted, use of the Equiband® system must be ceased immediately and veterinary attention must be sought.

How to Fit and Use the Equiband® System

Guide to fitting of the Equiband® system: a user-friendly video courtesy of Ethical Horse Productions, one of our main UK Equiband system distributors!

How to Fit and Use the Equiband® System

Guide to fitting of the Equiband® system: a user-friendly video courtesy of Ethical Horse Productions, one of our main UK Equiband system distributors!

Care of Your Equiband® System

  • For optimal care of your saddle pad, Equicore Concepts® suggests delicate wash in cool water with a mild detergent with low tumble dry or air drying after washing. Avoid frequent machine washing in order to preserve the longevity of your pad.
  • The Equiband® resistance bands can be washed with petroleum-free soap, rinsed, and left to air-dry before storage
  • Do not leave bands exposed to full sun/extreme cold
  • Do not use fly spray over the bands or over any area where the bands are in direct contact with the horse
  • Brush the horse thoroughly where the bands will lay, to remove any debris
  • For best storage, roll (do not fold) the bands


Safety Precautions

  • Follow all care instructions
  • Prior to use, Equiband® must be securely attached to the saddle pad via the safety clips and triglides
  • Always ensure that each Equiband® is unclipped on both sides, prior to loosening the surcingle or girth after work
  • Examine Equiband® before each use, checking for tears or punctures that may cause the band to break; if the band appears flawed, cease use, and discard immediately.
  • Avoid the use of sharp spurs directly over Equiband® – blunt spurs can be used, but rider leg position must be checked to ensure that there is no direct interference with the abdominal band.
  • Equiband® resistance bands will need to be replaced periodically. A spare band is provided with the Complete Equiband® system, and additional Equiband® sets can be ordered here.
Equiband® should only be incorporated into ridden work when the horse is fully accustomed to the feeling of Equiband® (as outlined in the step-by-step fitting instructions). Carefully check the tension as over- or undertension of Equiband® will not promote the desired core strengthening effect.

Failure to take due care may lead to serious accidents or injury. Always wear a helmet when riding with the Equiband® system. Equiband® is not for use on horses with an undiagnosed lameness or clinical condition. When in doubt, veterinary advice must be sought.
Neither Equicore Concepts® nor any authorized distributor or retailer of the Equiband® system will be held liable for any personal accident, injury or damage resulting from the use of the Equiband® system. Full responsibility lies with the individual who chooses to use the Equiband® system for the horse under his or her care.