Imagine you are at your favorite apparel store, searching for a new wardrobe. You’re shopping around, choosing the clothes you like in the size you suspect to be correct, you bring them into the dressing room…

And, darn it, wrong size! 

Luckily, this store has excellent customer service, and just at that moment, someone knocks on your dressing room door, “Anything I can help with? Any sizes you need?” 

Phew, crisis averted. 

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is “How do I prevent my horse’s Equibands from slipping?” In other words, the fit is not quite right! 

While we always encourage you to email us at with photos of your specific horse and situation, consider this your complete guide to the perfect fit

Why Are My Equibands Slipping?

The most common reasons your Equibands are slipping include: 

  • The bands are too loose
  • The bands are too tight
  • The saddle pad is the incorrect size
  • The saddle pad itself is slipping (not tight enough)
  • The bands are not distributed evenly in the triglides
  • Your horse’s body may be changing

On the last point listed above, remember, if you have been an active user of the Equiband Pro System, your horse’s muscular tone is changing. We recommend checking your band fit with our calculator approximately every 4 weeks. 

How Should My Bands Fit? 

Your Equiband Pro System comes complete with one saddle pad, two pre-threaded sets of Equiband Pro (two shorter Abdominal Bands and two longer Hindquarter Bands), a tape measure and a user guide.

Click here for a comprehensive band fitting guide! 

The Abdominal Band (AB) is designed to pass under the horse’s abdomen, well behind the rider’s leg. It should appear straight, perpendicular to the ground – not at an angle. This location is optimal for stimulating the abdominal and oblique muscles during locomotion. 

*Pro Tip: Before you fit the AB, give a gentle abdominal lift, to get your horse into optimal standing posture. Photos below show how to do an abdominal lift. 


Horse standing normally. Photo copyright Nicole Rombach. 


Horse doing gentle abdominal lift. Photo copyright Nicole Rombach. 

The Hindquarter Band (HQ) attaches at an oblique angle and passes under the horse’s tail, behind their hindquarters. It will settle in the point of least resistance, anywhere above the hock to just below the stifle. Its function is to make the horse aware of the position of his hind limbs during movement and to enhance symmetry of hind limb engagement. 

*Pro Tip: Before you fit the HQ band, have your horse stand square, with his hind legs underneath himself. 

The unique Equicore saddle pad is ergonomically shaped to prevent any restriction in the withers or lower back region. It is available in multiple sizes to ensure that all breeds of horses and ponies using the Equiband Pro System can achieve optimal muscle activation. 

Before placing an order, we recommend taking a peek at our suggested size guide below and taking a few measurements:


If My Bands Are Slipping, What Steps Can I Take? 

1) Adjust the tension of the band. You’ve hit the sweet spot when you notice your horse engaging his core while moving (think: abdominal lift and collection!). Click here to calculate the optimal length for your bands.

2) Make sure your horse is standing square (with hindlegs underneath themselves, not parked out) when taking measurements for the Equiband Pro System.

3) Ensure you have the appropriate size saddle pad for your horse – see size guide above! 

4) To prevent the saddle pad from slipping, make sure to tighten the girth all the way before attaching the bands. 

5) If the bands are ‘rolling,’ it may be because they are folded in half length-wise instead of being distributed through the width of the triglide keeper. 


6) Ensure that the triglides are positioned near the buckles (like in the photo below), rather than further down the band. 


7) If you are still having problems with your Equiband Pro System, take a few pictures with high resolution and send them to us at We will get this right together!

A Few More Fitting Tips

  • When fitting the Abdominal Band, ask your horse for an abdominal lift. 
  • When fitting the Hindquarter Band, ensure that your horse is standing square under itself with both hind legs. 
  • Always use the band system at the beginning of a workout, and remove the bands as necessary. Do not add the bands after warm-up or during a riding/training session: this defeats the object of neuromuscular stimulation. Neuromuscular activation is best achieved at the start of a session, particularly during the warm-up phase. 
  • When introducing the Equiband Pro System, we recommend using and having the horse adjust to the Abdominal Band before adding the Hindquarter Band. 
  • If you are having issues with the band(s) slipping when the system is used with a surcingle, ensure that the pad is securely attached to the surcingle with the velcro straps, and that the surcingle itself is appropriate, and not slipping. If slipping continues, substitute the surcingle for your saddle (remove the stirrups if desired). 

Remember, you are taking huge steps towards your horse’s strength, stability, and overall health when you order the Equiband Pro System. We are so grateful to be a part of this journey with you! 

If you experience fitting issues, do not hesitate to reach out to our team. We are here to support you! 

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